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  1. Help
    So a while back I had 400k worth of limiteds and out of nowhere a bot got into my account and traded all of my items I quickly went to Roblox support so I could get a rollback right? I didn't trade with anyone, I got hacked so I simply thought I could get a rollback. A couple of days later they...
  2. Everything Roblox
    No, I did not beam someone, but I got traded a limited and accepted it before checking rolimons. It kinda looks like it was beamed then given to me. What happens if the person gets a rollback on the limited while its on my acc
  3. Help
    Last week I got hacked and they bought their own gamepass. They took all my 30k robux that i been saving up. Is it possible I can rollback my robux? I tried contacting roblox but they haven’t replied to me! It been almost two weeks!!
1-3 of 3 Results