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  1. Help
    So last night as I received a friend request by a user that goes by "veena", she wanted to trade her SSHF for my PV (overly excited I said yes). She said she wanted to verify that my lim wasn't poisoned so I added her on discord and she told me to put a code in to verify if it was clean, As I...
  2. Help
    So.. I got hacked a few days ago, and got an email today, saying my roblox account has been reset. But my super super happy face that got stolen is not there.. So like um help? I emailed them back saying its not there and the screenshot with the trade again.
  3. Help
    So a while back I had 400k worth of limiteds and out of nowhere a bot got into my account and traded all of my items I quickly went to Roblox support so I could get a rollback right? I didn't trade with anyone, I got hacked so I simply thought I could get a rollback. A couple of days later they...
  4. Everything Roblox
    No, I did not beam someone, but I got traded a limited and accepted it before checking rolimons. It kinda looks like it was beamed then given to me. What happens if the person gets a rollback on the limited while its on my acc
  5. Help
    Last week I got hacked and they bought their own gamepass. They took all my 30k robux that i been saving up. Is it possible I can rollback my robux? I tried contacting roblox but they haven’t replied to me! It been almost two weeks!!
1-5 of 5 Results