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  1. Everything Roblox
    Before I explain this method please keep in mind that I have not yet tested the method. This method takes 5 days to earn 1000 robux and I am starting tomorrow (7th April 2023). I will update you all on the 11th (the 5th day) so you can find out if this works or not. Please also note that this...
  2. Scam Reports
    A purchase was made on my account recently that I did not make. I've never seen this game before, but I've been charged for its private server. the group has already been content deleted, but my Robux hasn't come back. Does anyone know why this has happened and if I need to secure my account? Thanks
  3. Game Advertising
    Firstly I hope this isn’t against the rules, I couldn’t see anything I would be breaching. And hope this is the right place: I have a free competition to win Robux. No catches just guess a number. I want to build this channel with bigger and better prizes so please support, follow and join...
  4. Everything Roblox
    I have 10000 robux in xbox account. but I don't know how to use them yet. Please help me. I can trade or sell them. Thank you and have a nice day.
  5. Everything Roblox
    Tix or Tickets was a free currency that was highly abused. Due to many factors, Roblox ended up removing Tix on April 14, 2016. It's pretty interesting to play with the thought if Roblox never removed Tix, and with this timeline, I try to show what I think what would've happened. March 15...
  6. Help
    yesterday i got two roblox giftcards in a birthday gift, then i redeemed them, but today i got home to find that the about 5400 robux that i just got was spent on gamepasses (i wasnt home or on roblox since i redeemed my giftcards) does anyone know how i can get my robux back?
  7. Buying - Selling - Trading
    $1 USD
  8. Buying - Selling - Trading
    please, write in my discord - strike#7806
    $5 USD
  9. Help
    I need a fairly experienced scripter for a game I wanna start / continue on and further develop over time! I want someone with good communication, such as discord and easy to work with. Payment can either happen in the shape of ROBUX, Bank-transfer (real money for your work) or a certain share...
  10. Buying - Selling - Trading
    I am selling a 1.4K member game with very well built and scripted games these games can be sold for about 10K robux a game I’ve put a lot of money into this group with ads and other things.!/about Dm ¡𝔑𝔬𝔱𝔙𝔢𝔯𝔢!#0895 to discuss
    $75 USD
  11. Everything Roblox
    There is this YouTube video promising robux can anyone confirm if it’s claims are true? The video
  12. For Trade Roblox Group

    Buying - Selling - Trading
    I'm selling my Roblox group for Robux. I spent 12k on it and I don't need it anymore. It was originally my clothing group but I've decided to discontinue it. I removed all of my clothing just in case anyone wants a fresh start.
  13. Help
    Hi, I made a shirt and pants and it got 1k+ sales but the moderators deleted it after 3 days. Will I get the Robux I gained from the sales?
  14. Services
    I`m working with a brand and we need some answers to our questions. So to get a few answers, we offer you a gift card in value of 100$. But BE CAREFUL! It's only in USA! Come on our site and help me and our brand! Roblox Gift Card USA
  15. Help
    I recently got this message from Roblox. I remembered that I had bought some bypassed clothing (shirt and t-shirt, put them together and you would get an inappropriate phrase) and it got taken down. The agreement says that if I bought anything against the TOS I could get terminated. Should I...
1-15 of 15 Results