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  1. General Discussion
    "This service unavailable." Thought I was the only one Roblox might not be down for some people, and I'm assuming it won't last long.
  2. Scripting
    Hi guys! i want to create a box in roblox, when you went into it i will change a your point of view from third person to first person and when you get out i will change agin to third person perspective, i tried to write script but it won't work, here a script, and a picture of how it is...
  3. Help
    when ever i turn on the explorer tab or properties they are gone and no where to be seen how do i fix this?!?!??! this happened an hour ago please help!!
  4. Everything Roblox
    I'd like to atleast get around 30-40 FPS doesn't matter which VM but what would be good for Roblox and my laptop which is a Lenovo that has a AMD Ryzen 5 5600U and Radeon Graphics 2.30 GHz with 8GB of Ram gotta resort to a VM cause Roblox just aint working on my laptop.
  5. Everything Roblox
    hello everybody my name is chris and ive been making music for over 7 years. i would love to be your music composer for any of your games. and im also paid in robux. so see you later
  6. Forum Games
    So I know pizza place is kind of dead, but does anyone still own and maintain an organized and cooperative private server? I'd love to make some proper cash and I'd consider myself quite fit to join a pro server, if by any chance you are or know someone who can help me please let me know. I'm...
  7. Help
    I've been desperately looking for an old game I used to play when I was younger and cant find it anywhere. It was a open world game with blocky creatures resembling dinosaurs. The dinosaurs would "evolve" similar to Pokémon and one of my main creatures was a raptor with glowing green and black...
  8. General Discussion
    I play Roblox on a MacOS Big Sur Version 11.6.8. When I try to Run Roblox on my Mac, I get a message saying "Unable to fetch current version." I have tried deleting everything Roblox related and reinstalling, but the error persisted. I searched online for fixes, and they said to delete all the...
  9. Help
    i'm having this issue where my torso and legs are not in sync when i walk. also if i equip an animation or jacket and then unequip it my torso and leg "breaks"? the split between two legs just become uneven
  10. Everything Roblox
    Roblox is well known these days for trying to forget their past and only caring about their "metaverse", Rthro, and sponsorships. Recently, however, news came out that all blog posts before 2021 have been removed from the site. Searching them up yields no results and the "Archive" tab filter is...
  11. Services
    I'm looking for volunteers for my small dev team, Sniper Studio. If a game you helped make earns money profits will be shared. I will give more details in a private conversation. If you want to volunteer say it on the group wall. Here is the link if you are interested...
  12. Help
    This section is for getting help with Roblox-related issues, such as errors, bugs, and bans. Please note that this is not a help section for RobloxForum itself. If you need help with the forum, check out this page here: FAQ You may post about any issues you have and you can help people with...
  13. Everything Roblox
    hello, I want to tell you something, we were two friends in the game and there were 2 of them on the server and it said N3CDET joined, then we looked at the leadboard, it was not in the game and after 2 minutes all *****s wrote my roblox was out and it didn't start in 5 minutes my friend's too...
  14. Buying - Selling - Trading
    Price is Negotiable if contacted via my Discord which is “mmimi 7777” without the “ Selling one of my roblox accs because I do not wish to keep multiple accs at once. List of which the account has: - Gamepasses, Korblox, Extreme headphones, Meanie face, Loads of hairs (mainly female) Adopt...
    $100 AUD
1-15 of 15 Results