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  1. Everything Roblox
    I hate the new one. the trees USED BY ROBLOX IN MOST TEMPLATE MAPS IN STUDIO are now disgusting
  2. Building
    Hello, I've noticed a strange issues with rigs (and players). I tried to apply different Materials to some parts of them and they don't apply correctly. If the Material has reflection, that shows up, but the texture doesn't. As you can see here, I try to apply some Materials to the Head and...
  3. Help
    when ever i turn on the explorer tab or properties they are gone and no where to be seen how do i fix this?!?!??! this happened an hour ago please help!!
  4. New Member Introductions
    I am a game developer and for hire and also very cheep. I know how to do animations, GUI's, Scripting and building. Comment on the tweet if you are interested and thank you for reading.
  5. Scripting
    Hi, I need help with this code that I learnt from this video: The code I'm doing is only murderer and survivors (Chaser and Runner) and theirs 2 cards that shows you if your the murder or survivor, but it shows up with both 2 cards. Here's the code: local players = game.Players --the players...
  6. Help
    So, I am making a "find the" game, based on Sonic. Recently when I tested the game out, the entirety of a map was gone. It didn't even go invisible, it flat out got deleted. Even weirder, most of the developer marketplace stuff was gone, including everything in the game. Everything besides that...
1-6 of 6 Results