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  1. Everything Roblox
    Roblox has been a great game in general, however there are places hidden under the moderators noses that have even been mass reported yet to no avail were they banned, I'll be showing you a few of these problems: a good example would be this group that is still up even after days even after a...
  2. Help
    My account got banned on 4/19/2017 and I was too dumb to appeal back then, since I was a kid. I was hacked, I believed in the free robux generators. Moderator note: don't scam others on Roblox! I remember I never got any warnings prior and got permanently banned immediately. Is there anyway I...
  3. Help
    welcome to the roblox moderation (used alt, same game in my other 2 posts, removed everything)
  4. Help
    I created a lt2 modded game, typical most modded game, however, i got banned for translating the game and changing characters. If I make another one, but with everything changed, will I be banned again? (My current ban for this game is 1 week.)
  5. General Discussion
    HEY! This is just a reminder to everyone that we have applications for being a staff member on this website! As a staff member, you'll have the responsibility of ensuring the rules are maintained across either a specific section of the website as a Moderator, or the entire forum as a Super...
  6. Everything Roblox
    Help Me I Got False Reported By wh1ty_ahhhhhhh When Im Playing Monday Morning Misery I Choosed A Song That I Could Only Play Then She Was Angry And Said LAVENDERGAMER, Im Reporting you, I Didnt Get Any Notes Then I Blocked Her And Reported Her
1-6 of 6 Results