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  1. Help
    Hello all. I have been playing this game called Project Slayers for a while. Recently I noticed that my FPS began dropping steadily. MY FPS usually remains around the 60 mark, but after about 15 minutes of playing it wont go above 50, then 40, and so on until its barely reaching anything over...
  2. Help
    Roblox Support responded to my appeal and (I think) removed my termination. While I was terminated, I couldn't view my account and my page was completely gone. When Roblox Support responded, I could view my page again and I was popping up. But when I tried to log into my account, it still says...
  3. Building
    I have just made a mesh in Blender and I want to import it into Roblox but I don't know how to import its animations. Basically what I have is a NormalEdit modifier and a Displace modifier working together to make this effect. I also have a material that gives it its colour effects.
  4. Game Design
    I wanted to create an RPG game that is top notch and will be one of the popular and most played games like PSX or doors. However, I’m still short on devs and other people and I want to develop this asap. How long will it take to get devs and make the game by summer of 2025?
  5. Help
    Looking to create some Honkai avatars, specifically Herta and Stelle. Anyone know any accessories/hair etc. I can use?
  6. Everything Roblox
    ireland doesnt have an international fedora india doesnt have an international fedora and doesnt exist (thats what they want you to think) not a single african country has an international fedora roblox declined my canadian photo ID Ok so im kind of joking here but i do have some reason behind...
  7. Help
    I don’t play on PC or mobile, but on console, and I’ve noticed that the longer I play for, the less that loads, until the point where stuff begins to deload. Can anyone explain this to me, and maybe tell me a fix?
  8. Help
    The only fix I really found was when I recorded strangely enough, but otherwise it was super stiff and almost unplayable at this point, if anyone had a solution that'd be great. Thank you!
  9. Scripting
    Hi I need help with scripting The script is when i press a button then everyone can hear a sound Ty if you did it
  10. Help
    I have been dealing with this for 2 days! I cannot access roblox on my PC that is fairly new! I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn’t work. Pls help ASAP!
  11. Help
    Hi. I need a driveable train. I know can look in models but no one is working, can anyone find one?
  12. Help
    I'm having an issue with my FPS in Roblox. I have a pretty good setup with a RTX 3060 graphics card and an i7 processor, but I'm only getting around 15–25 frames. I've tried changing graphics settings and disabling useless background applications, but nothing seems to be working.
  13. Help
    Hello, I’ve been trying everything to find a fashion famous devs socials or something to contact SOMEONE about this issue because it wont let me post in the group.. I have screenshot evidence that I’m missing one purchased gamepass from the og game and I was just wondering where I could go to...
  14. Help
    The issue that happening is none of my friend is able to join me in the public server which are not full, all they can see is me being online even thought I have my privacy of joining the experience is “everyone” I attached two image to help you understand my issue. One picture is the home page...
  15. Help
    I have advertised like 1-2k or so before and I didn't really notice a difference in sales I got some members though, which is alright!/about
  16. Help
    I've been working on a game and I'd like a room to be dark, but when I'd use global lighting ambience I'd mess up the whole game's lighting. So far I've encased the build in a box, which made it slightly darker. Please comment if you have any tips or ideas to make it darker.
  17. Scripting
    UIS.InputBegan:Connect(function(input) if input.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.V then if green == false then green = true player.PlayerGui.Screen2.Frame.FastMode.TextColor3 =, 1, 0) wait(1) green = false else...
  18. Help
    So on my phone, avast anti-virus decided to Uninstall my authenticator and none of my roblox 2FA stuff saved. I can't log in on any other device besides my pc and if I log out of that, I can't get back in. I don't have a recovery code and to get one I need my authenticator. Roblox won't do...
  19. Help
    for the past week my roblox has been crashing, whenever I join a roblox game I get the error code 277, It goes away after I keep trying to rejoin after a few times and I sometimes it even lets me play for long periods if it doesn't happen between the first 10-20 minutes of me in the game, It...
1-20 of 90 Results