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  1. Building
    Does anyone know how to fix it? it randomly happens and i dont know why thanks
  2. Help
    So, I made my second Roblox account after my very first one got hacked in 2019. I used it until it got deleted in early 2022, but while using the second account, I rushed the creation of another account so I can do the royale high gifting event since nobody helped me with it for 2 years, I set...
  3. Game Design
    So, I found this interesting gun engine that fits all my needs (first and third person, simple, etc.) but I can't find a way to animate the gun when equipping the gun or reloading, could someone help me with that in any way possible? Here's the gun engine's link: ^^^...
  4. Building
  5. Help
    About week ago i messaged roblox support about being hacked, they removed 2fa from my acc and changed my password. And thats it. Since then im messaging them all type of proof - old passwords, emails, receipts and other. i also own card used for pucharses and phone number to verify, but no. Only...
  6. Help
    I've been trying to find this car on the Toolbar. Can someone help?
  7. Help
    may be a really dumb question or problem, but i play a game called sonic pulse rp , when you join in it shows like a menu screen to select your character and stuff (it should look like this) recently it just---has not been loading for me, at all. like the game loads, i join the game, but then...
  8. Help
    This sometimes turns on and when it does it doesn't let me move because everytime I hit WASD/Arrow Keys it just moves that neon square to another button in the game. I sometimes can accidentally hit the right keybinds to turn it off, but it would be a lot easier to actually know the keybind that...
  9. Forum Games
    Hi everyone, I am currently writing my master thesis on gaming motivations and VR gaming at the University of Muenster in Germany. One key part is how users of 2D metaverses like Roblox view gaming and VR. I'm currently running a preliminary survey. If you can spare 5 minutes (or you are...
  10. Help
    I was got T-Shirt named "windows xp" right now (09.01.2023) and its says that i created it but i didn't i will contact roblox support maybe, that T-Shirt dont was in my inventory yesterday. Maybe i got hacked or smth
  11. Help
    yesterday i got two roblox giftcards in a birthday gift, then i redeemed them, but today i got home to find that the about 5400 robux that i just got was spent on gamepasses (i wasnt home or on roblox since i redeemed my giftcards) does anyone know how i can get my robux back?
  12. Help
    So I was making a UI and I imported a close icon, image label size is 16 by 16, the close icon is also 16 by 16 perfect right? Well no, once it imports the image is so pixelated fuzzy its really bad, like not even close to good do you guys know what I could possibly be? Like some new studio...
  13. Scripting
    Grass Script I need help to get the block to change size when the tool scissors are used and to make _g.scissorscut = 1 when the player clicks the mouse while holding the tool, I'm not sure if this is done right because I am new to coding and only know a little bit local GrassRegrowTime = 1...
  14. Help
    When I try to purchase a gamepass, it comes up with this error message: Module script in rep storage for the table of gamepasses: local module = {} module.Passes = { {ID = "x2_Strength", Price = 250, Image = "rbxassetid://11841867744", Pass = 111836923}, {ID = "x2_Gold", Price = 250...
  15. Scripting
    hi, im trying to appear UI when i touch a brick/part, im trying (Probably the code that would be most obvious to a Lua beginner) This code: local part = script.Parent local Frame = game.StarterGui.ScreenGui.PlayAgain local function appearUI() Frame.Visible = true end...
  16. General Discussion
    I keep having problems like my keyboard and my mouse aren't working because its usb isn't recognized by windows, I checked the usb and they're fine, so I had no choice but to restart my pc to get them working again anyways to not deal with this problem again, does anyone have another different...
  17. Help
    i think that the game is banned is bc someone included a backdoor in it, or i'm wrong? Who have experience in roblox studio, please tell me what made me banned (ik that iget it a lt2 copy, but why the millions of lt2 modded isn't banned?)
  18. Help
    I created a lt2 modded game, typical most modded game, however, i got banned for translating the game and changing characters. If I make another one, but with everything changed, will I be banned again? (My current ban for this game is 1 week.)
  19. Everything Roblox
    my friend wants to hack me, throw reports. His nickname dahiil3638
  20. Help
    Hey y'all! Sent in a support ticket for this one but unsure when I'll get a response. I bought ten dollars worth of robux today. I tried buying an item with it, clicked all the right buttons, the popup went away and nothing changed - same balance, no item. No error message on browser, but on PC...
1-20 of 60 Results