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  1. Help
    The only fix I really found was when I recorded strangely enough, but otherwise it was super stiff and almost unplayable at this point, if anyone had a solution that'd be great. Thank you!
  2. Help
    The issue that happening is none of my friend is able to join me in the public server which are not full, all they can see is me being online even thought I have my privacy of joining the experience is “everyone” I attached two image to help you understand my issue. One picture is the home page...
  3. Help
    What are these icons X Y RB. Что за кнопки от боксовского роллера? im pc player、 я играю на компе и контроллера у меня нету I cant press keyboard buttons only WASD to move and i cant see my mouse cursor, все управление перешло в режим контроллера how to reset interface? как это исправить? PLZ...
  4. Scripting
    UIS.InputBegan:Connect(function(input) if input.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.V then if green == false then green = true player.PlayerGui.Screen2.Frame.FastMode.TextColor3 =, 1, 0) wait(1) green = false else...
  5. Help
    Roblox ping keeps freezing and nothing responds. After a while i disconnect. It happens every time when i join, just not instantly. Depending on how many assets are in the game, the faster it freezes. Other players can still see me move, when i can't. I have tried every tutorial and contacted...
  6. Everything Roblox
    Hey guys, i created a new Roblox game and i want your opinion for this game. The roblox links :
  7. New Member Introductions
    Dear Big Games Petz Simulator Team, A scammer in your game has thrown my 8-year-old child into depression. Please help him, I request you with folded hands. User: master210god Email: [email protected] Gems Stolen: 2.13b Pets : 30 life saving Where: trading plaza SCAMMER NAME: gaviniam wise The...
  8. Everything Roblox
    hello guys, a few days ago i downloaded roblox on my macbook and the menu looks weird (squery). Idk why, i think its because my laptop is a lil bit old but i don't think so. Can somone just help me pleasee !!
  9. Scripting
    Does anybody have a functioning stamper tool? Would be very helpful with something I'm working on.
  10. Scripting
    Hey guys, i'm making a quest type gui, and, it's broken for some reason, anyone can say me why? ERROR: "Players.SamuelGamerYT65.PlayerGui.MainGUI.GiftProgress.Gifts.Gift1.Unlocker:2: attempt to index nil with 'Gifts'" Script: script.Parent.MouseButton1Click:Connect(function(player) if...
  11. Help
    This is such a weird issue. Whenever I try to login on mobile, whether it’s using the browser (have tried both safari and google) or the app, I get a message saying “an unknown error has occurred” and am unable to proceed further. I’ve tried resetting my password multiple times, I’ve tried using...
  12. Help
    This error keeps bugging me out for several days, I tried to reinstall the whole game repeatedly but I keep getting the same error. I tried to open the Roblox studio I also got the error. I even tried to play in browser but it doesn't seem to start, can someone help me with this? If so, Did I...
  13. Help
    My old account is locked out of because i put 2fa on and the email was deleted and is unrecoverable. I need a real person to help me since the people at the email department only say the exact same thing that doesn't work. I have proof its mine i will even send a vid. Get back asap please...
1-14 of 14 Results