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  1. Scripting
    Hello. I have been creating a game ( and I am very new to scripting. I have been trying to make a "Deploy" button that changes the team to a random one between two variables, gets rid of the GUI, and kills the player. I have tried almost everything I...
  2. Help
    So I was making a UI and I imported a close icon, image label size is 16 by 16, the close icon is also 16 by 16 perfect right? Well no, once it imports the image is so pixelated fuzzy its really bad, like not even close to good do you guys know what I could possibly be? Like some new studio...
  3. Scripting
    hi, im trying to appear UI when i touch a brick/part, im trying (Probably the code that would be most obvious to a Lua beginner) This code: local part = script.Parent local Frame = game.StarterGui.ScreenGui.PlayAgain local function appearUI() Frame.Visible = true end...
  4. Help
    You can see what i mean in the cutscenes of the game Entry Point or in another game by Cishsato named Facade.
1-4 of 4 Results