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  1. Scripting
    UIS.InputBegan:Connect(function(input) if input.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.V then if green == false then green = true player.PlayerGui.Screen2.Frame.FastMode.TextColor3 =, 1, 0) wait(1) green = false else...
  2. Scripting
    function snek(obj) if obj.Parent:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Humanoid") then for _, v in ipairs(model:GetChildren()) do if v:IsA("BasePart") then v.CanTouch = false end end while snek.Number.Value < #PATH do -- This line is where...
  3. Help
    Help! When starting roblox, an unknown error flies out of the characters. The Internet says that this can only be a 401 error, but this is clearly not it. There is no other information about this error.
  4. Forum Games
    While im joining private servers by invite link im getting kicked with message " Your privacy settings prevent you from joining this server {Error Code:533} How can i fix it
  5. Help
    So I just tried to log on for the first time in a while and it said the password was right but I needed to reset it for security reasons. So I went through the reset process but when I tried entering the new password I got this error: Yes the password is long enough and no I haven't used it...
  6. Scripting
    Hey guys, i'm making a quest type gui, and, it's broken for some reason, anyone can say me why? ERROR: "Players.SamuelGamerYT65.PlayerGui.MainGUI.GiftProgress.Gifts.Gift1.Unlocker:2: attempt to index nil with 'Gifts'" Script: script.Parent.MouseButton1Click:Connect(function(player) if...
  7. Help
    When I want to edit my place, the screen is black. I tried changing Graphics settings, disabling Plugins, and resetting Studio settings, but still not working.
  8. Scripting
    This error only happens in Test Mode, on edit mode nothing happens, only on test mode. idk whats happening, I have too many scripts to go through all of them one by one to see what causes this error. so i prefer search help here.
  9. Help
    I just recently tried to play Roblox and got this error. It worked before this on several other games, even on the game I was trying to join. But now it doesn't work, I've tried restarting my pc, redownloading Roblox, setting Roblox as trusted in Kaspersky (my antivirus), etc. Help would be...
  10. Scripting
    So I am making a Murder Mystery game and I am making an inventory system. However, I keep getting this error when I load the data. This is the code if v:IsA("Tool") then playerData["Inventory"][v.Name] = { ["Owned"] = data["Inventory"][v.Name]["Owned"], --...
  11. Help
    This error keeps bugging me out for several days, I tried to reinstall the whole game repeatedly but I keep getting the same error. I tried to open the Roblox studio I also got the error. I even tried to play in browser but it doesn't seem to start, can someone help me with this? If so, Did I...
  12. Everything Roblox
    i am back and it's not something stupid. The image says for itself. I tried to join a private server from a link in a discord server. thus giving this message. I can somehow join other friends' servers (though from the roblox website). This could be a problem with my pc, since I tried joining...
1-12 of 12 Results