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  1. Help
    Does anyone here know how to login to the Devforum? I'm game developer and pro 3d modeler
  2. Help
    So I was making a UI and I imported a close icon, image label size is 16 by 16, the close icon is also 16 by 16 perfect right? Well no, once it imports the image is so pixelated fuzzy its really bad, like not even close to good do you guys know what I could possibly be? Like some new studio...
  3. Help
    devforums won't let me make a post so I guess I just have to ask here... I wanted to start working on my old game again, but whenever I open it up in studio, it instead brings up this one version of the game I had open where I was just experimenting with some stuff. But the version that I want...
  4. Everything Roblox
    So I want to be able to post in devforum but also when I read threads for a bit I look at my profile statistics and it still says I have read for 17 minutes, read 15 topics, and have read 69 posts. Why are my stats not changing?
1-4 of 4 Results