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  1. Game Design
    Ive been planning an upcoming project of mine named RoLands. It’s an RPG based on combat and saving the Roblox universe. However, I’m new to scripting and building and can’t seem to get anywhere in developing it. Any tips?
  2. Help
    I've been working on a game and I'd like a room to be dark, but when I'd use global lighting ambience I'd mess up the whole game's lighting. So far I've encased the build in a box, which made it slightly darker. Please comment if you have any tips or ideas to make it darker.
  3. Services
    I'm looking for freelancers for my small dev team, Sniper Studio. If a game you helped make earns money profits will be shared. I will give more details in a private conversation. If you want to do freelance work join our Discord server. The instructions on how to make an application are there...
1-3 of 3 Results