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  1. General Discussion
    Random/Bizarre Title. Long story short. I am a small content creator on Roblox (20k) and I've been noticing how I have been getting banned a lot more on the platform than before I had the following. A lot of these bans persists of "Profane Language", "Bullying and Harassing", and "Phishing and...
  2. Help
    welcome to the roblox moderation (used alt, same game in my other 2 posts, removed everything)
  3. Help
    i think that the game is banned is bc someone included a backdoor in it, or i'm wrong? Who have experience in roblox studio, please tell me what made me banned (ik that iget it a lt2 copy, but why the millions of lt2 modded isn't banned?)
  4. General Discussion
  5. Everything Roblox
    Can I get banned if I copy a clothes from a game? (I want to create these clothes since I like them and I think they are not in the catalog) thanks
  6. General Discussion
    Title /|\ Anyway I was reading older posts and saw Cookie, (I guess this happend when I forgot this site existed) so what did he do?
1-7 of 7 Results