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  1. Help
    Recently, an article titled "Korea prohibits the trading of online games" was published in The Korea Times. To summarize this article, there is a law that restricts the trading of commercial games in Korea, which is related to the promotion of the game industry. It can be seen in Article 18-3 of...
  2. Help
    Hello, I use Hotspot Shield VPN for only connecting to Roblox server and games and I also live in a ridiculous country called Iran (don't look at my IP now. I use VPN now to access this I use the site) which has been completely blocked from Roblox and social networks due to people's protest. I...
  3. Help
    My account got banned on 4/19/2017 and I was too dumb to appeal back then, since I was a kid. I was hacked, I believed in the free robux generators. Moderator note: don't scam others on Roblox! I remember I never got any warnings prior and got permanently banned immediately. Is there anyway I...
  4. Everything Roblox
    my friend wants to hack me, throw reports. His nickname dahiil3638
  5. Everything Roblox
    Can I get banned if I copy a clothes from a game? (I want to create these clothes since I like them and I think they are not in the catalog) thanks
1-5 of 5 Results