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  1. Bloxburg
    4 года назад меня взломали через ссылку на VIP сервер, не подозривая этот человек начал красть в играх вещи в свой аккаунт: blox fruit, adopt me и т.д. И он использовал читы, и из-за этого меня начали банить в играх, и только неделю назад я узнал что в Блоксбурге я забанен навсегда, пожалуйста...
  2. Help
    Hi my account was terminated for hateful conduct on the 19th, but I haven't used Roblox in over a month if not 2. And I know nobody has hacked me (to the best of my knowledge) since I don't tell anybody about it. My name was the same as my username which is a Hindu God, and my homepage...
  3. Everything Roblox
    Like it said in the title... I got banned for literally NO REASON. This moderation are literally a bots, not humans... I've posted a T-Shirt with a normal anime pic which wasn't breaking any rule of nudity etc. And i know this is for only one day, so i could just say ,,f*** it'' and just go on...
1-3 of 3 Results