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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    I've been through a nostalgic ride recently through some older games, and decided to draw Michael from FNAF. No reason in particular other than how artists interpret the characters' designs and lore which are fun to look at.. and I suppose building confidence in my art, to feel happy about...
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  3. General Discussion
    It's been a hot minute since I've shared my artwork here and my style has developed a lot since then, so have some fanart of Aki Hayakawa from Chainsaw Man I did. 🤲 I'm aware the forum lost most of it's users who I knew in the community but it's nice knowing that a few are still floating around,,
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  5. Off Topic Lounge
    cough cough vote in the poll cough cough
  6. Help
    So I was making a UI and I imported a close icon, image label size is 16 by 16, the close icon is also 16 by 16 perfect right? Well no, once it imports the image is so pixelated fuzzy its really bad, like not even close to good do you guys know what I could possibly be? Like some new studio...
  7. robloxavatar.png

    Based on a more recent Roblox avatar.
  8. Drawn avatar.png

    Based off of some old Roblox avatar I made.
  9. fennecfoxattempt.jpg

    An attempt to create a fennec fox.
  10. caci's avatar - pixel art redraw

    Got bored one day and drew some pixel art of an OC his name is charlie :)
  11. Buying - Selling - Trading
    DRAWING ROBLOX AVATARS FOR ROBUX ♥ Prices are negotiable :) BUST UP: 1.8K-2.5K ROBUX
    $0 USD
  12. caci's avatar - with jelly eyes

    This is a redraw of something I did a year before, with some cool additional effects added in post-prod.
1-12 of 12 Results