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  1. Help
    So on my phone, avast anti-virus decided to Uninstall my authenticator and none of my roblox 2FA stuff saved. I can't log in on any other device besides my pc and if I log out of that, I can't get back in. I don't have a recovery code and to get one I need my authenticator. Roblox won't do...
  2. Help
    So, As i logged into my account i typed in my recovery code to log in, as i logged into my roblox account i tried disabling 2FA so i can get the code back, but to disable my 2FA i need to put in a 2FA Code. How the hell am i supposed to do that, u cant even type in a recovery code in there.
  3. Help
    I want to say it's been a few years since I've used my Roblox account, and the only thing I used this Gmail for was that account which means I haven't used the Gmail in many years. And so the Gmail was terminated due to inactivity and is unrecoverable, but my account was set up with 2fa and...
  4. Everything Roblox
    hi So i got cookie logged a few days ago, so i contacted roblox for getting my limiteds back, I got hacked with 2FA on. After i received a email back like 5 days later they told me this. But the thing is that i had my 2FA was always on since 2021 may, they did not even mention Authenticator...
  5. Help
    My old account is locked out of because i put 2fa on and the email was deleted and is unrecoverable. I need a real person to help me since the people at the email department only say the exact same thing that doesn't work. I have proof its mine i will even send a vid. Get back asap please...
1-5 of 5 Results